Common application settings

For the correct operation of the dialog SDK, you need a number of settings and user permissions in Info.plist. It’s the base configuration file of your iOS application:


Custom URL scheme

Custom URL-scheme is necessary for correct work with the invitation links (see the section Invitation links for more details). The application notifies iOS that it can handle links with a given schema. For example, if a user clicks on a link inside e-mail or web-site page like


he can immediately open a coolChannel chat in the messenger. To do this, you need to set the following values in Info.plist:


Push Notifications and Background modes

dialog SDK supports high-quality calls and secure push notifications. To enable push notifications open Capabilities tab in target settings and turn the Push Notifications switch on:


Pre-ensure that push notifications service and certificates are enabled for your App ID (see the section Application services and certificates for more details).

The correct operation of the SDK requires a number of enabled background modes:


Key audio allows you to talk via the messenger in background mode. remote-notification and voip are necessary to establish a connection for a call. Key remote-notification is also required for secure push notifications.

Usage descriptions

Usage descriptions are necessary to pass a review in the App Store. These values show user why the app ask certain user permissions. dialog SDK requires permissions for camera, contacts, location, microphone and photo library:

<string>Camera let you to send photos to the chat directly.</string>
<string>We will process your data at our server to import your contacts automatically.</string>
<string>You will be able to share your location in a chat.</string>
<string>Microphone is used for calls and voice messages.</string>
<string>You will be able to send photos to the chat directly.</string>


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