App launcher icon
prefer to be located in mipmap-dpi folders. Also, specify android:icon value in AndroidManifest <application> tag.
Notification icon

add as trivial drawable in res folder. Further, this icon will be sent to NotificationManager through our custom builder.


Icon should be added with a constant name ic_app_notify


To decorate app simply add appropriate colors in hexadecimal format (blue theme used by default). It is very convinent to use google color tool to comply with official guidelines.

Root colors

<color name="primary">#CC3033</color>
<color name="primary_hovered">#B72B2E</color>
<color name="primary_pressed">#CC3033</color>
<color name="primary_text">#FBDF6C</color>

<color name="primary_alt">#FBDF6C</color>
<color name="primary_alt_alpha">#CCFBDF6C</color>
<color name="primary_alt_hovered">#FBDF6C</color>
<color name="primary_alt_pressed">#FBDF6C</color>

<color name="accent">#d94335</color>
<color name="accent_hovered">#b3372c</color>
<color name="accent_pressed">#ca4a3f</color>

<color name="secondary">#eeeeee</color>
<color name="white">#FFFFFF</color>
<color name="secondary_selected">#33999999</color>
<color name="secondary_pressed">#66999999</color>

Root text colors

<color name="text_primary">#DE000000</color>
<color name="text_secondary">#7A000000</color>
<color name="text_hint">#42000000</color>
<color name="text_subheader">#6F000000</color>

<color name="text_primary_inv">#DEffffff</color>
<color name="text_secondary_inv">#8Affffff</color>
<color name="text_hint_inv">#42ffffff</color>
<color name="text_subheader_inv">#8Fffffff</color>

Main screen and fab button

<color name="main_tab_selected">@color/primary_alt</color>
<color name="main_tab_divider">#15000000</color>
<color name="main_tab_text">@color/primary_alt</color>
<color name="main_fab_bg">#ccffffff</color>


You can find full color methods list in DialogStyle class.

Changing Chat Wallpapers

DialogSDK allows user to select chat wallpaper (much like Viber or Telegram).

If you want to customize default image set in your application, you can use setDefaultBackgrounds method from Dialog Style:

DialogSDK.get().style.setDefaultBackgrounds(R.drawable.bg_1, R.drawable.bg_2, R.drawable.bg_3);

where R.drawable.bg_1, R.drawable.bg_2, R.drawable.bg_3 are the references to resource files as per android documentation.

Image resources should be of the following sizes:

  • LDPI: 320x320
  • MDPI: 480x480
  • HDPI: 800x800
  • XHDPI: 1280x1280
  • XXHDPI: 1600x1600
  • XXXHDPI: 1920x1920

You can however disable this preference completely in your application, hiding it from the settings menu.

All you need to do is to provide only one drawable resource to the setDefaultBackgrounds method: